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Students can find multiple types of scholarships that fit their qualifications, and they can apply for aid online.

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Our list of available scholarships is updated regularly, helping students find the ideal forms of financial assistance.

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We offer helpful tips on how students can find and apply for scholarships that will allow them to achieve their goals.

Online Scholarships for College Students

Connecting Students with Verified Opportunities for Academic Excellence

In the 21st century, applying for scholarships is easier than ever. There are many opportunities available for students in all demographics and fields of study, and websites make it easy to apply by filling out online forms.

With all the possibilities for receiving financial assistance that can be found online or through other sources, knowing where to start can be difficult. At the OVC Scholarship Network, our goal is to help students find and apply for scholarships that will meet their needs. We maintain a list of scholarship opportunities provided by different businesses, organizations, and other donors, making it easy for students to find scholarships that they may qualify for. We are continually updating this list with verified scholarships, and we provide links to websites where students can apply online for financial aid. We aim to serve as a “one stop shop” for students who are seeking out the help they need to achieve their academic goals.

100+Students Awarded
Every Year.


The Importance of Web-Based Scholarships

Through the use of computers and smartphones, students can easily access information about scholarships and fill out application forms quickly. Our list of scholarships includes links to websites where students can apply for financial aid online.

Future Leaders

Multiple types of organizations have created scholarships in an effort to recognize deserving students, provide scholarships to people who have demonstrated a need for financial assistance, and promote important causes.

Donors who are looking to promote their scholarship programs can be included in our list of verified scholarships, ensuring that they will be able to connect with students who wish to apply.


Testimonials from
Awarded Students

Dozens of students have connected with scholarship programs through the OVC Scholarship Network, and they have received tens of thousands of dollars in financial aid. This has allowed them to pursue their academic goals and take steps to begin working in their chosen careers. We are honored by the gratitude these students have shown for the ability to find opportunities that have allowed them to succeed.

quoteAndrew CoresFamily Law Group
Future Lawyers Scholarship

“I found the Andrew Cores Family Law Group Future Lawyers Scholarship while searching for scholarship opportunities online over the summer. I'm so honored to have won this year's scholarship. I was thrilled to get the news, it's such a great push to keep working hard as I start my finals prep this semester. Thank you so much!”

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Danielle T. Awarded $2000


Pamela G.

Awarded $1000

Marsala Law Group Lifelong Hobby Scholarship

I heard about this scholarship opportunity through the website Fastweb. I saw that it asked about lifelong hobbies and immediately signed up to complete it...Read More


Anden T.

Awarded $2500

The Law Office of Jerry D. Andrews, P.C. Community Impact Scholarship

I found this scholarship through a scholarship website that provided me with personalized scholarships that best fit the accomplishments I have made and the interests I have...Read More


Lois W.

Awarded $2500

The Law Offices of David A. Kadzai, LLC First Generation College Student Scholarship

I want to start by telling you how grateful I am to receive this scholarship. I heard about the scholarship opportunity on the website, and I decided to apply because the prompt resonated deeply with me...Read More

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Difference Makers Scholarship

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Bright Futures Sccholarship

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Fresh Start Scholarship

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